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New Update - Info-Case Version 3.60 Released

VERSION 3.60 includes:
Greater availability of mainframe data files as many more files are now incorporated into the Info-Case database
Enhanced automated batch processing, allowing for automated and unattended file conversions, reporting and distribution
Greatly enhanced database query and extract functionality, including 1 click export to Microsoft Excel
Improved indexing speed and reliability


Info-Case - TBE

The Info-Case Trial Balance and Comprehensive Billing Error Management module gives you full control over all aspects of inpatient and outpatient accounts receivable reporting, analysis and management.

By consolidating the various accounts receivable, billing error and claims composer files into a manageable database, Info-Case TBE helps you reduce outstanding A/R balances by identifying the exact problems that cause inflated accounts receivable.

Info-Case TBE also creates it’s own error history database that will allow you to quickly identify trends in errors caused by medical record coding, registration, system setup or any other area of concern. Info-Case TBE reports include both summary and detailed analysis of billed and unbilled accounts receivable based upon combinations of:

    • Third Party Payer
    • Aging category
    • Error Type
    • Responsible Department
    • Dollar Value
    • Registration/Admitting Area

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