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New Update - Info-Case Version 3.60 Released

VERSION 3.60 includes:
Greater availability of mainframe data files as many more files are now incorporated into the Info-Case database
Enhanced automated batch processing, allowing for automated and unattended file conversions, reporting and distribution
Greatly enhanced database query and extract functionality, including 1 click export to Microsoft Excel
Improved indexing speed and reliability


About Us

Having spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry in positions from auditor to financial manager to systems director, I was continually frustrated by the rigidity and complexity of hospital mainframe systems.

The limitations of the archaic standard “green-bar” reports caused me to continually re-enter data into PC spreadsheets and databases so that I could control the final management reporting. As PC hardware and software rapidly evolved, it became apparent that the tools available on the PC desktop were far more robust and user-friendly than any mainframe system.

The mainframes clearly have their place, but the average desktop PC is where the real strength and flexibility of an executive information delivery system resides. In creating Healthcare Business Systems, I consulted with colleagues throughout the healthcare industry to form a group consisting of financial, computing and clinical professionals.

Each of my associates has in excess of 20 years experience in roles such as:

  • Hospital financial systems development
  • Case Mix system programming
  • DRG administration
  • Nursing
  • Hospital Administration
  • PC and network programming

Our premier product, Info-Case, is a case mix management system that uses mainframe programs and PC database programs to create a series of reports that will help any hospital administrator better manage their hospital. We are currently developing a web based product, Inter-Case, that will bring this information to every users desktop via standard web browser.

Please visit the Products page for more information, and feel free to send me an E-Mail if you have any questions about our systems.
Donald J. Minick
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