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New Update - Info-Case Version 3.60 Released

VERSION 3.60 includes:
Greater availability of mainframe data files as many more files are now incorporated into the Info-Case database
Enhanced automated batch processing, allowing for automated and unattended file conversions, reporting and distribution
Greatly enhanced database query and extract functionality, including 1 click export to Microsoft Excel
Improved indexing speed and reliability


Info-Case - OPM

The Info-Case Outpatient case mix management module provides immediate access to all pertinent outpatient data contained in registration, visit history, accounts receivable and trial balance summary files. The data conversion routines and reports in Info-Case OPM allow for detailed analysis of outpatient activity by any combination of data elements such as:

      • Registration Area
      • Clinic ID
      • Physician
      • Payer
      • Procedures
      • Diagnoses
      • Charges
      • Allowances
      • Payment

    Since all Info-Case modules are fully integrated, when used in conjunction with other modules, there is virtually no limit to the types of analyses that can be done. For example, when used with our inpatient module, Info-Case OPM easily provides for combined analysis of patient activity across inpatient and outpatient service areas. When combined with our ICM-COS cost allocation module, clinic, service and physician level profitability analysis are easily performed. The report examples that follow are a sample of the type of reports that can be generated from the Info-Case OPM database.


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