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New Update - Info-Case Version 3.60 Released

VERSION 3.60 includes:
Greater availability of mainframe data files as many more files are now incorporated into the Info-Case database
Enhanced automated batch processing, allowing for automated and unattended file conversions, reporting and distribution
Greatly enhanced database query and extract functionality, including 1 click export to Microsoft Excel
Improved indexing speed and reliability


Info-Case - CSM

The Info-Case Charge Suspense Management module provides concise reporting of the contents of your Eagle charge suspense files. Inpatient and outpatient charges that are in suspense are merged to allow for a better focused approach to error correction, and to identify problems at their source.

A key feature of this module is the presentation of erroneous charges along with their actual dollar value, giving you the full impact of the uncollected revenue by department. Error reports are even available segmented by the department responsible for the error's correction.

Charges in suspense are available for analysis by any combination of data elements such as:

  • Source Department
  • Target account (Inpatient / Outpatient)
  • Service Date
  • Charge Amount (High / Low)
  • Error Type
  • Area Responsible for Error Correction

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