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New Update - Info-Case Version 3.60 Released

VERSION 3.60 includes:
Greater availability of mainframe data files as many more files are now incorporated into the Info-Case database
Enhanced automated batch processing, allowing for automated and unattended file conversions, reporting and distribution
Greatly enhanced database query and extract functionality, including 1 click export to Microsoft Excel
Improved indexing speed and reliability


Info-Case - CMM

The Info-Case Charge Master Maintenance and Analysis module provides a wealth of functionality, giving a facility total control over the charge maintenance function, global re-pricing, and charge master reporting.

The file maintenance features of this module interfaces your spreadsheet-based charge master into the inpatient and Outpatient Eagle code files. This automates the manual process of updating six code files in the Eagle inpatient and outpatient system for each charge! Manual errors and typos are eliminated, and consistency between systems in ensured. All the elements of the Eagle charge master are supported, including date-sensitive rates, revenue and CPT codes, as well as facility assigned 'user defined' codes. The reporting features of Info-Case CMM provide clearly formatted reports by a variety of data elements, including Department, Charge Code, CPT code, Revenue Code, etc.

This module is fully integrated with the other Info-Case modules, so that charge master reports can contain actual year-to-date utilization, both units and dollars, by any of the charge master data elements. This feature provides valuable and time-saving support for annual cost-reporting and price-increase initiatives.

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